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GoSearch: from Cadvision in Calgary.
Mapblast: takes you straight to their address entry page.
Telephone: has a list of telephone directories on the web. has Canada residential phone listings, even Alberta.
Arts & Letters Daily

Petroleum industry, government, universities, etc.

Geostatistics: SCRF at Stanford developed GSLIB and is the biggest US geostat program. Clayton Deutsch is an originator of GSLIB, and is now a professor at U of A in Edmonton.

POSC: describes an industry standard for 3D earth models especially aimed at reservoir simulation; here's part of what they say about themselves: "RESCUE is a Joint Industry Project managed by the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC). The acronym 'RESCUE' stands for REServoir Characterization Using Epicentre. At its inception the purpose was to provide a forum for the development of an open standard for the transfer of data from geomodels to upscalers, specifically through the use of the Epicenter data model. As the project moved forward, and a data standard for the transfer emerged, it became apparent that testing of the standard could best be achieved through the use of binary flat files. To ensure a common implementation it was evident that a set of Class Libraries to read and write these files was required. These Libraries were developed under contract to the RESCUE project, and are the vehicle of choice for implementing an API to the RESCUE standard."

Price: access tables oil prices etc. compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The one I've found most useful is Crude Oil, spot, monthly, in a .txt file. also has graphs of oil prices online.

SEG: Society of Exploration Geophysicists I especially use the SEG Digitial Cumulative Index (DCI)of publications to search geophysical papers. The local Geophysical Society of Houston, GSH, is also here. Recent issues of Geophysics are online, including my airgun bubble paper from 1994Nov (Acrobat .pdf, 75k, unfortunately an imperfect copy).

Links of personal interest

CPI: provides tables of historical data of CPI (Consumer Price Index), which I've found useful for deflating e.g. oil prices.

Exchange: the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service provides current and historical data as graphs or tables for many currencies, operated by Prof. Werner Antweiler, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Permission to download data through the retrieval interface and reproduce images generated by the plot interface is granted provided that the source and this copyright are acknowleged.

Geography: is an online textbook of basic physical geography. Me: is my personal family website.

Houston: Houston Real-Time Traffic Map

Physics: John Baez at UC Riverside has a lot of good physics material, including the Usenet Physics FAQ.
Physics: is the preprint server.

SSA: is a Social Security report of population projections, with a lot of good data like mortality tables and life expectancy.

Time: displays the current time from the official U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock. Using the "Refresh" browser button will often turn around an update in 1 or 2 seconds, plenty accurate to set your watch.

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Recursion, Feedback, or Infinite Impulse Response Filters
GeoIndex : A search Engine for Geo-environmental professionals
Clayton V. Deutsch
EGM96: The NASA GSFC and NIMA Joint Geopotential Model
NGDC/WDCA MGG/SEG-5Minute Gridded Elevation Data Search Help
Oil-Link - The Internet Hub for Oil & Gas
Amoco Retiree's
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