In Feb.-Apr. 1999 I helped prepare and present an adult class on Science and Religion at Christ the King Lutheran Church. The outline and handout notes for Feb. 28 are here, as are the handouts for Mar. 7, dealing with Evolution and Creationism, and Mar. 28, dealing with Magic, Miracle, and Mystery. I initially prepared this outline of Science and Religion links for a Table Talk discussion on 1998/12/06. I gave an Introductory talk, and prepared a handout with a bibliography as well as this link page.

The Templeton Foundation is a big supporter of Science & Religion activities, and this site has links to many other resources, like the journal Zygon and the online discussion META listserver. Templeton funds scientific research on religion-related topics; a recent piece broadcast by NPR on the Engines of Our Ingenuity is available, as transcript 1445. Science also had a News Focus piece on Templeton, "Subjecting Belief to the Scientific Method," page 1257-1259 in the 1999 MAY 21 issue.

The Pope recently issued an encyclical on Faith and Reason, available at this site. Related material can be found on the Vatican website. Richard John Neuhaus gives a thorough review of the encyclical in the Dec. 1998 issue of First Things.

PBS recently aired a 1-hour TV special titled Faith & Reason, and has a related site, with a discussion board and video ordering info.

CTNS, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences is based in Berkeley; I've subscribed to their quarterly newsletter for many years.

IRAS, the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science has been around since 1954, although I've only recently found their site.

The Chicago Center for Religion and Science is based at our own Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

A Chicago Center article deals with the ethics of cloning. Phil Hefner is a Lutheran theologian, whom I believe the Melanchthon Institute had in for a weekend seminar once. There is a related item on Counterbalance.

First Things is a monthly journal of religion and public life, which often carries articles related to science and religion. Intellectually respectable critics of evolution like Phillip Johnson are occasional contributors. A more recent article of his is a review of several books.

CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal publishes the bimonthly Skeptical Inquirer magazine. They do great work exposing frauds and quacks, but also publish a lot of gratuitously antireligious material.

ICR, the Institute for Creation Research, represents the opposite pole from CSICOP, seeking scientific evidence for a literal reading of biblical creation.

Science & Spirit magazine is published five times a year, and is associated with the Templeton Foundation and IRAS. They also host an online discussion forum.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has some material online related to science and religion. An example is Science and God: A Warming Trend? This article by Greg Easterbrook was published in AAAS's weekly journal Science, which unfortunately requires a subscription to access fully on line. However, a recent essay by John Brooke in the Dec. 11, 1998 issue is freely available.

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